Habscheid / Hobscheid / Hobscheidt / Hobschaidt Family Genealogy

Welcome to the Hobschaidt home page. This page is for all those who are interested in the heritage of the Hobscheid / Hobscheidt / Hobschaidt name. In research done by several of us, we've been able to find ties dating back into the early 17th century. Most prominent in this research is Zygmunt Jodziewicz who gathered a large portion of the information while on a trip to Europe with the intent of looking into his wife's genealogy.  He found quite a few Hobscheids in his research and passed them along to us.  In fact, it is his work that set all of this in motion in the mid 1980s. Many thanks are owed him in this effort. And now, after 20 years, this represents the largest free repository of Hobscheids and derivatives on the internet (as of Aug 8, 2008).  If you are aware of any information or corrections that should be included in this page (which undoubtedly exist), please feel free to contact me at crajuti@comcast.net (Craig Hobschaidt).

It should be pointed out that records - as far back as we are aware - indicate that the original spelling was either Habscheid or Hobscheid. There are four known spellings of the name in North America: Habscheid, Hobschaidt, Hobscheid, and Hobscheidt.  It was initially thought that Habscheid was a separate surname.  But, through all the research it appears that there are definite ties between the names.

There are also a few misspellings such as Habschied, Hobschied, Hobscheit, to name a few.  Differences in languages and culture may be attributed to these spellings.

Historical Account of Hobschaidt:

(Jean) Nikolaus Hobscheid, his father, Nikolaus, and family migrated from Folschette (Fohlscheid), Luxembourg to Kleinbetschkerek, Austria-Hungary in 1784. Records indicate that Jean Nikolaus (known as just Nikolaus) was a founding father of Klein-Betschkerek.  There is some conflict in the records that indicate (Jean) Nikolaus was born in Vorscheid-Morscheid, but the deciding link was Anna Maria Reif who was born in Folschette and married to (Jean) Nikolaus in Ospern, Luxembourg.  There are some date conflicts with these events, however, based on the fact that I cannot find a "Vorscheid-Morscheid", but simply "Morscheid".  I'm looking at the idea that Jean Nikolaus did go through Morscheid during the migration to Banat/KleinBestchkerek.

Family Trees:

There are about 500 individuals that I've found which make up 12 family trees.  The largest are Nikolaus (1700) and Johann (1727).   Those trees are viewable here:

Descendants of Conrad HOBSCHEID 1726 of Bissen

Descendants of Henri HOBSCHEID m-abt 1684 in Pettingen

Descendants of Henri HOBSCHEID 1781 of Kopstal (Hobscheid in US)

Descendants of Jean HOBSCHEID 1650

Descendants of Joannes HABSCHEID abt 1715

Descendants of Johann HOBSCHEID (HABSCHEID) 1727 (Hobscheidt in US)

Descendants of Laurentius HABSCHEID abt 1680

Descendants of Matthaie HABSCHEID 1840 (Hobscheid in US)

Descendants of Nikolai HOBSCHEIDT 1765

Descendants of Nikolaus HOBSCHEID 1700 (Hobschaidt in US)

Descendants of Peter HABSCHEID 1625 of Nalbach

There are also a number of individuals, some from the late 16th century, and very small trees that are not included here.  Small is defined as less than 10 members.  We have not been able to determine the link between them and the major trees, but perhaps these links will be found in the future.

Happy reading!

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